• These last few years have been filled with challenges and we have had the opportunity to deeply reflect on God’s steadfast faithfulness in the middle of every circumstance. We are grateful that God is always present and faithful, continuing to pour love and grace into our lives. As we begin this year’s stewardship campaign to fund our annual ministry budget, we recognize that we are called to respond to God’s abundance with grateful hearts and hands. The Power of Gratitude opens us up to receive God’s love into our lives, and helps us become channels of hope and the good news of the Gospel to those in our community. Gratitude helps us to keep our eyes and attention on God’s steady and life-giving presence in our lives, especially when times are uncertain. As we experience the faithfulness of God and the support of one another, we are constantly reminded that we really have reason for being grateful and hopeful in the middle of all circumstances. Below are two testimonies from our members.

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