Jun 08 2024


8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Batavia United Methodist Church at WellBatavia

  • WellBatavia started as a way to raise awareness and promote environmentally conscious living as the Green Fair on the Fox. After many successful years as a Fox Valley environmental event, our focus has expanded to raising awareness to all factors that impact the health and happiness of our community. Our work centers on the reduction of preventable diseases, the management of current health conditions and the preservation and promotion of our community’s environment and green spaces.

  • WellBatavia is a team of local experts and activists in the fields of fields of health, environmental science, planning and economics, who understand that health is the way we interact with ourselves, our neighbors and the place we call home.

  • Visit Batavia United Methodist Church at WellBatavia on June 8.

The event is finished.